Top Marketing Research Topics and Ideas

As a marketing student you probably have long history of resources to learn from. Whether it is consumer behaviour, digital marketing etc. But the problem is you have lot of options to select your resources. On the other hand, you are probably confused with which is the right way to follow such as internet, your own library to come up with a good research paper topic.

What is Marketing in today’s world

If we say marketing is the key initiator, a heart of any business, then we are absolutely correct. As marketing has become more than just promoting and selling the product or service. It has evolved into an essential component for making your business recognized within the eyes of customers. It not only helps you distinguish between your competitors but also power up your ROI. Moreover, it helps your business to build a good online image to gain more customer’s loyalty.

How students can find the best research paper topics to impress their supervisor

Before we dive into details, you must know why students need to find a unique research paper topic. This is to make your research very easy and interesting as well as help you with your research till the end. By choosing a topic for research, it should consist of three elements.

  • It should be narrow
  • It should be focused enough to be interesting
  • And broader enough to find adequate information

Plus, you should choose the topic of your own interest, if you are not interested in the topic you selected, then it is useless to further get involved in it.

If you cannot decide which topic to choose from and what is more interesting not only for you but also for readers. Then, our list of 71+ marketing research topics examples are as follows.

  1. The effect of corporate social responsibility on brand performance
  2. Building company reputation and brand equity through CRS
  3. How persuasive social media tactics shapes customer’s engagement
  4. Effect of brand awareness on repeat-purchase product
  5. Impulsive buying behaviour and the impact of social media: comparative analysis
  6. effect of Online purchasing and decision making on customers thought process
  7. The rise of social media influence marketing on lifestyle branding
  8. Influence marketing: how the message value and the credibility effect consumers trust of branded content on social media
  9. How augment reality has changed the marketing decisions to enhance online service experience
  10. Enhancing the online decision making process by using augmented reality
  11. A customer’s perception towards online shopping
  12. Components that help build relationship with your customers
  13. E-commerce and entrepreneurship in agricultural marketing
  14. Understanding consumer’s perception of brand personality

Latest Marketing Research Topics for 2023

To evaluate the influence of marketing on the perceived number of sales in an organisation.

Aims and Objectives

  • An evaluation of different marketing strategies and how it is closely linked with sales.
  • Analysing the impact of marketing on a targeted population of consumers.
  • An empirical comparison of today’s social media marketing with traditional marketing.
The role of marketing in helping the organisations and brands to retain customers.

Aims and Objectives

  • Managing customer and brand relations with marketing that is built on communication.
  • An evaluation of the market driven strategies towards attracting and keeping customers.
  • An analysis of how marketing is increasing the brand loyalty.

Evaluation for the effectiveness of marketing that is shaping the characteristics of a product in this today’s modern era.

Aims and Objectives

  • Competitive forces that are shaping the marketing strategies of organisations.
  • Analysing the influence of social media influencer marketing on the purchase intention of a consumer.
  • Examining the role of big data analytics and its effectiveness on consumer’s purchase.
An analysis of strategic marketing campaign in digital and social media marketing.

Aims and Objectives

  • To understand the concept of social media and digital marketing in this technologically advanced era.
  • Understanding the contemporary business needs.
  • Developing an effective digital presence of a business/organisation through content focused marketing.
Determining the impact of inbound and outbound marketing.

Aims and Objectives

  • Analysing new marketing strategies with existing marketing strategies.
  • To explore the organizational propensity of the impact of inbound and outbound marketing strategies.
  • Inbound marketing has become so significant in today’s time in comparison to outbound marketing, discuss.

How students can find marketing research topics according to their interest

Let’s go further into with more interesting marketing research topics to make your research fun and exciting.

  1. Convergence and divergence in consumer behaviour
  2. Effects of consumer perceptions of brand experience on the web
  3. The effectiveness of social marketing mix strategy
  4. Role of relationship marketing in competitive marketing strategy
  5. Consumer perception of product packaging
  6. positioning and pricing a product line
  7. Product positioning and pricing under production cost consideration
  8. A market-oriented approach to accomplish product positioning and product recommendation for smart phones and wearable devices
  9. Product design strategies for target-market positioning
  10. Evaluating the effectiveness of brand-positioning strategies from a consumer’s perspective
  11. Personal branding through fashion blogging
  12. The use of social media in b2b marketing and branding
  13. Customer satisfaction and customer’s sales performance
  14. social media influence on business to business sales performance

List of marketing research topics for MBA students

Are you ready to write dissertation on Marketing for MBA then, you came to the right destination? Following topics would give you an idea of how to select an interesting and simple research topic. With further ado, let’s list down marketing research topics for MBA students….

  1. Finding dissemination via electronic word of mouth message for effective marketing communication
  2. Selling to millennial with online reviews
  3.  Negative word of mouth can be a positive for consumers connected to the brand
  4. The effect of brand personality and brand identification on brand loyalty
  5. Brand attachment and consumer emotional response to unethical firm behaviour
  6.  Why do customers switch? the dynamic of satisfaction versus loyalty
  7.  Mobile marketing and consumer perceptions of brand equity
  8. Why most of the USA mobile service customers switch
  9. Customers can be innovators, a new way to create value
  10. Customer’s involvement in new product development
  11. A study on buying behaviour of smartphones among men and women segment
  12. Working women buying behaviour and non-working women buying behaviour
  13. An analysis of purchase decision of Generation Y in UK
  14. Online advertising and its impact on consumer buying behaviour


Top 14 list of Marketing research topics for Masters students

Well, the daunting task for a Master student is to write his/her dissertation and many students aren’t even aware of what will happen next in their research paper. For selecting a topic in Masters it should be up to the mark for your future audience who are Master dissertation executive. These panel of audience will review your dissertation, give remarks and pass or fail within a second if your main research topic is not prior to the study. Let’s find a suitable research topic within our list of Marketing research topic for Master students.

  1. Determinants of customer satisfaction in healthcare quality
  2. Personality and ability factors in sales performance
  3. Customer relationship management and customer retention
  4. Do labels influence purchase decision of food product
  5. Do organic labels bias taste perception?
  6. Consumer behaviour towards the new packaging of FMCG products
  7. How does price fairness perception differ across culture?
  8. Can culture affect prices-A cross cultural study of shopping and retail prices
  9. Cultural difference in messages strategies
  10. User loyalty and online communities
  11. The effect of brand credibility on customer loyalty
  12. How product characteristics and promotional giveaways shapes word of mouth
  13. The behavioural impact of an advertising campaign to promote safety belt use
  14. Can language prove product identity

List of best marketing research topics for PhD students

Here I will be sharing the list of marketing research topics for PhD students. If you think some of these topics are of your interest or you can turn them around in your own voice, feel free to do it.

  1. What drives customer’s participation in loyalty program?
  2. How does women and men perceive a website presence
  3. How effective is Facebook ads and does it help increase the ROI of a company
  4. How can brand image can be conveyed in a digital environment
  5. How does Facebook helps convert users into potential customers?
  6. Factors effecting adverting effectiveness and purchase intention on Instagram
  7.  How Instagram makes Commercials more targeted
  8. Get content get customers-turn prospects into buyers with content marketing
  9. The impact of social media content marketing towards brand health
  10. strategic planning in digital marketing and social media