List of Latest Google Scholar Research Topics for 2023

Improving Standard of Service: Measuring Search Engine Quality

The goal of this study, as well as its predecessors, is to address inquiries that are thought to result from the requirement to locate several papers on a subject. Real Online searches, in contrast, represent a variety of additional information needs, necessitating distinct evaluations, and approaches.

Research And Publication Challenges Facing Students: A Study of Students’ Viewpoints

The goal is to get the candid opinions of the students on the subject. On this basis, potential solutions might be discovered to improve the student’s access to education and academic experiences. Also, this study tends to present the students with intriguing information and methods for using Google Scholar for journal publication and research.

Comparative Study: Search Engines and Social Networks for Information Retrieval

The goal is to make it simple for consumers to use the keyword search to locate what they’re searching for, even when the needed information isn’t always readily available online. Posing a question to one’s online social network is an option, made possible by the growth of social media.

Study of Search Engines: The Value of Implicit Feedback in Delivering Improved Outcomes

The objective is to determine whether implicit input may improve and enhance search engine performance. To increase the overall search quality, search engines offer a pool of data that may be examined via implicit feedback. By adjusting them based on implicit input, search engines may quickly provide results that are suited to users’ needs and queries. As a result, implicit feedback is a beneficial tactic for enhancing search engines’ functionality and effectiveness.

Making Better Healthcare Decisions Via the Use of Search Engines

The objective is to assess how well search engines perform when used for healthcare decision-making search activities. Search engines are used by doctors and medical students in their final years to find answers to their medical queries. As a result, for a search engine to provide better results, it is important to assess how well search engines accurately represent online web pages and documents to complete the search task.

Identifying the Potential Perceptions of E-learning as a Web Service

The objective relies on, t serve a community of learners, content creators, instructional designers, multimedia techs, instructors, trainers, database administrators, and individuals from different other fields of competence commonly collaborate. Many of the actions in a typical e-learning scenario may be seen and characterized as processes, and they can then be carried out as workflows; there are even prototype system developments that are experimenting with this method.

What Distinguishes Social Networks from Other Forms of Networks, and Why

Figuring out why social networks are frequently separated into communities or groups, and how this division could be responsible for the observed clustering. Network group structure can also explain degree correlations. Showcasing a model that anytime there is fluctuation in the group sizes in such networks, assortative mixing should be anticipated. The objective further targets the projected amount of assortative mixing that corresponds favorably to that seen in real-world networks.

Entrepreneurship As a Means of Reducing Poverty: Incentives, Social Networks, and Sustainability

To complement traditional assessments that place a strong emphasis on sustainability, social networks with a strong sense of history are suggested as an additional factor in determining the success of entrepreneurial poverty reduction programs.  This more comprehensive theoretical framework offers a more in-depth and refined understanding of the successes and failures of entrepreneurship-based poverty reduction.

Using Search Engine Marketing as a Brand Positioning Approach

The aim focuses on the question of whether and how businesses may use relative positions on search engine results pages (SERPs) to distinguish their brands from rivals online continues to be important in e-commerce research. Understanding the efficiency of search engine optimization tactics is impacted by this issue both theoretically and practically.

Finding Reliable Ranking Variables: Creating Effective SEO Processes

To give the user a well-targeted, customized, and better experience on the web, search engines have been undergoing continuous changes. Together with this emphasis on user preferences and content quality, search engines have been working to include Semantic Web primitives to improve their intelligence. In the context of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, the development of search engine ranking criteria matters.

List of Best Google Scholar Research Proposal Topics

General-Purpose Search Engines for Web Service Discovery

The aim is to study search engines for web services to improve customers’ lives. Web services have restricted success in organisational environments and even less success in the competitive market. In addition, there is low precision for web services discovery utilising search engines. Search engines can provide the best results if WSDL is embedded in a web page that delivers semantic explanation of the service. Therefore, efficient ways need to be sought to change the scenario in order to seek better utilisation of general-purpose search engines for web service discovery.

Assessing the Relationship Between Clicks and Relevance for Search Engines

The aim is to assess the relationship between clicks and relevance for analysing the performance and efficiency of search engines. The clicks received by a search engine can forecast relevance of documents. These forecasts can be utilised to analyse the search engines’ performance and efficiently which can assist in making comparisons across datasets and time. This assessment can further provide comparison between methods which can assist in developing strategies for better display of results shown for similar queries.

Analysing Search Engines: Role of Implicit Feedback in Providing Better Results


The aim is to examine how implicit feedback can improve search engines so that better results can be delivered. Search engines deliver a pool of information which can be analysed through implicit feedback to improve the quality of the overall search. By improving search engines through implicit feedback, search engines can easily provide results particular to users’ needs and queries. Therefore, in order to receive authentic and relevant results and in less time, implicit feedback is an efficient technique to enhance search engines’ performance and effectiveness.

Implicit Strategies: Enhancing Effectiveness of Search Engines for Web Pages


The aim is to analyse strategies that can be utilised to improve web search engines. The strategies can analyse and assist in changing patterns of utilisation of search engines in terms of users’ interests. The improvement of web search engine can provide strong satisfaction to users and improve the generalisability of results. Therefore, determining effective strategies for improving web search engine can provide better results to users and improve the productivity and competence of a search engine as compared to other search engines.

Social Networks and Search Engines: A Comparison for Information Seeking


Internet has become a significant repository of information. In other words, internet has become the first source for availing an information a person needs. Therefore, the aim is to compare the ways in which search engines and social networks provide information when a user searches for desired information over internet. Since, it is not easy for users to find what they need with keyword search and the desired information may not be available, therefore, here, social media acts as a substitute. It is important to examine if a social media platform fulfills the need of information the way a search engine does.

Use of Search Engines for Better Clinical Decision-Making


The aim is to analyse the effectiveness of search engines for search tasks given in clinical decision-making. Final year medical students and clinicians search for queries over search engines for their desired medical queries. Therefore, in order for a search engine to provide better answers, the effectiveness of search engines should be analysed for the accurate representation of web pages and documents online for the completion of the search task. Hence, the better representation of results provided by the search engines can assist clinicians in better understating the information rather than just searching for it.

Role of Ranking Factors in Improving the Systems of Search Engines


Search engines should have the capability to provide the desired information accurately and relevantly as they are most often utilised with regards to their functionality of ranking. The ranking factors are categorised into six groups i.e. freshness, text statistics, popularity, availability and locality, user background and content properties. These ranking factors include potential applications best suited for search engine systems as preferences of users vary across a variety of context, therefore, ranking is for the primary benefit of the users.

Analysing Computational Engines for Enhancing Search Engines Results


The aim is to analyse the utilisation of computational engines to redevelop or reform initial queries. The reformation makes sure that results received from a search engine provide enhanced relevance to results that are relevant to initial query. In addition to this, computational engines use results of computations, history of search results, a variety of statistical and grammatical tools to recognise one or more pairs in the initial query to form subqueries. Therefore, it is important to understand computation engines as through one or more iterations, a search engine can ensure consistency of relevant results and enhance the capability to identify ranking, user intent, relevance and appropriate data domains and sources.

Caching and Prefetching Query Results for Web Search Engines


The aim is to examine the problems of effectiveness and proficiency when changing the query results that are submitted to a search engine. Strategies of caching can effectively exploit the spatial and temporal locality present in processed query stream. The technique of Static Dynamic Cache (SDC) can assist in extracting data from history and the results of most frequently utilised submitted queries which can anticipate future requests and assist in measuring the hit ratio accomplished. Therefore, caching and prefetching query results can efficiently exploit many queries that serve that right purposes for a variety of users.

Strategies of Paid Placement for Web Search Engines


The aim is to examine different paid placement strategies where a number of content producers are provided permanent positioning in return for a placement fee. This creates revenues, however, disutility to users is created which decreases user-based revenues. The optimal placement strategy relies on the disutility and benefits of paid placement. Therefore, it is important to compute the optimal bias level, placement fee and examine the placement strategy’s sensitivity so that negative affect on advertising revenues can be avoided. This can further increase the market share by decreasing reliance on paying providers and paid placement.

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