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How To Cite A Website | MLA, APA & Chicago Examples

Whether you are a student or a researcher who must write a paper for school or a job, you probably know that citations are vital. A citation is both a signpost and an acknowledgment. As a signpost, it signals the location of your source. Moreover, as an acknowledgment, reveal that you are respecting that source. Furthermore, it appears in different formats within the text (in-text citation), at the bottom of the page (footnotes ), or the end of the paper (endnotes). Consequently, using citations, you easily defend your work in front of your professor. 

Now, the question is why using a citation is essential? There are three reasons behind using citations, such as:

  • Ideas are the currency of academia
  • If you don’t give credit to the person who came up with the idea, you’re not respecting their rights.
  • Because academics need to be able to trace the genealogy of ideas 

It is easier for you to cite in the researcher’s paper, but when it comes to citing a part of a website it becomes harder for them to cite a website completely. Therefore, you’ve come to the right place to learn how to do this job without any hurdles. So, let’s start this educational adventure together and hopefully by the end of this blog you will learn how to cite a website in text.

What Is Citation?

Citing a website is the way you tell readers that the specific material you use in your work is taken from another source relieving you from unintentional plagiarism. It also gives readers the necessary information to find the mentioned source again, such as:

  • Information about author
  • Title of the work
  • Name and location of the company which published your copy of the source
  • Date your copy was published
  • Page number of the research material you are borrowing.

How To Cite A Website In Text

Moving further, let’s look into a short guideline of how You cite a website in-text. Here is a short guideline depending on your citation style.

Mla Style:

  • MLA in-text citation usually lists the author’s last name only.
  • it also specifies a (shortened) section heading for a long page to locate the passage.
  • In MLA you should only use paragraph numbers if you find them specifically numbered on the page.

Apa Style

  • APA website citations usually include the author, the publication date, and the title of the page or article.
  • If there is no author, start the citation with the article’s title.
  • Add a retrieval date if the page is likely to change over time.

How To Cite Website In Mla, Apa & Chicago Formats

For citing a web page, you require a brief in-text citation and a corresponding reference, which includes the author’s name, publication date, page title, website name, and URL. Interestingly, this vital information is presented differently in different citation styles. However, APA, MLA, and Chicago are the most commonly used styles. Below, we have given a guide on how to cite a website in different formats. 

Citing A Website In Apa Style

The APA reference for a web page lists the author’s last name and initials and the full publication date. Furthermore, the page’s title (in italics), the website name (in plain text), and the URL. The in-text citation lists the author’s last name and year. In case of a lengthy page, use a locator, such as a paragraph number or section title, to pinpoint the quote or paragraph.

How To Cite The Entire Website In Apa

To Include the website text and URL, APA doesn’t need to create a citation 

How To Cite Apa Online Article 

Regarding the citation of online articles in APA format, you need more than a URL. Depending on your website type, the information you need to find includes the following:

  • Author, if listed
  • Date
  • Title of article
  • Web name
  • URL

How To Cite Blog Post In Apa Format

After learning how to cite a website in text, learning how to cite a blog post in APA is the second most challenging thing for most. Hence, gaining a fundamental comprehension of the various components of quoting a blog post can be advantageous.

  • Author or username
  • Date
  • Title
  • Blog Name
  • URL

It will look like a fabulous APA blog citation when you add it all together.

How To Cite Tweet, Facebook, And Instagram Posts In Apa

Now, let’s move towards a few examples of how to cite social media in APA.

  • Username or name
  • Date
  • The first 20 words of the post are in italics
  • website
  • URL

How To Cite Youtube In Apa

Do you want to cite a video in your APA paper? Formatting it correctly is a good decision; because it ensures your content is professional, polished, and easy to understand.

  • Last name, 
  • Initials. [Channel name]. 
  • (Year, Month, Day). 
  • Video title [Video]. 
  • YouTube. URL

How To Cite A Website In Mla

Creating a website citation in MLA format is more accessible by the nine essential elements. However, there are diverse types of websites you find yourself citing in MLA format paper. Let’s  explore in detail how to cite a website, blog, social media, and online video citation to keep it more accessible.

In-Text Citations Website In Mla

When we talk about citing a website, it’s all about adapting the nine core elements to fit your citation. Just for your reminder, the nine core elements include

  • Author.
  • Title of the Source.
  • Container Title
  • Version
  • Number
  • Publisher
  • Publication Date
  • Location.

How To Cite A Tweet, Instagram, Or Facebook Post In Mla?

Depending on your topic, you might find adding information from social media sites helpful for your paper. Double-check with your instructor first, but the basic citation format in MLA is pretty simple when you work with social media posts.

  • Last Name First 
  • Name Account Name
  • Post Description. 
  • Social Media Platform, 
  • Day Month Year of Post
  • Time of Post
  • URL.

Blog Post Citation In Mla

Unquestionably, blogs are becoming all the rage on the internet. Therefore, blog post citations quickly make their way into your cited work. Now is the time to master the process of awarding a blog post.

  • Last Name 
  • First Name or Username. 
  • “Blog Post Title.” 
  • Name of Blog, 
  • Blog Network/Publisher, if given, 
  • Day Month Year, 
  • URL.

How To Cite A Website In-Text Mla

Citing a website in-text in MLA is easier. You use the author or creator’s name when it comes to MLA in-text citations.

How To Cite A Website In Chicago

If you are searching for how to cite a website in Chicago style, you’ve come to the right place. Just like MLA and APA, Chicago has its way of rewarding a website post. However, the Chicago/Turabian style has two different citation types. When creating citations for websites, blogs, and videos, looking at both is essential.

Cite A Website In Author-Date

When we talk about how to cite a website in an author-date style, you need a few different things. Such as:

  • Author
  • Publication date
  • Page title
  • Site title
  • Owner of the site
  • URL

How To Cite In The Bibliography

You need the same information as the author-date style for citing a website in bibliography style but arranged differently.


  • Last name
  • First name.
  • “Page Title.”
  • Website Name. 
  • Month, Day, Year. 
  • URL.

Full Note

  • First name 
  • Last name, 
  • “Page Title,” 
  • Website Name, 
  • Month Day, Year, 
  • URL.

Short Note

  • Last Name 
  • Short Page Title

How To Reference Blog And Social Media Posts In Chicago

Blog and social media posts are unique in Chicago style. Therefore, you don’t need to add them to your reference or bibliography. Because blog and social media posts change often, using them in Chicago style takes a lot of work. If you want to take a reference from a post, you can take just a screenshot.

The Art Of Reference A Website

Regarding referencing a website in MLA format, APA citations, and Chicago style. There is a lot of variety. But all you have to do is follow your style guide, and you’ll always get it right. Remember, when it is about social media citations, it is always better to ask your instructor first before taking any step.